Hawk (black & White)

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Description by Stevekin


The handler would stand behind a group of us to attract this Hawk to swoop towards and above us.
Waiting, for just the right moment.
Then he would throw some food off to one side or high in the air and the damned thing would keep veering off !!

Smart alec would then ask if anyone had got a pic of it, fully expecting no-one to have done so.

Well he wasn't far wrong !!

This was about the best I could get (No dslr )

Comments for Hawk (black & White) (4)

  1. #1 kreinr
    Re: Hawk (black & White)
    good shot, nicely frozen moment
  2. #2 Stevekin
    Re: Hawk (black & White)
    Thank you kreinr :-)
  3. #3 Rich Crompton
    Re: Hawk (black & White)
    Fantastic shot. It really tells the whole story. Love the symmetrical composition with the hawk central. It really adds to the power of the image
  4. #4 Stevekin
    Re: Hawk (black & White)
    Thank you Rich :-)
    Some of it was luck, as I explain in the description ;-)