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Louis hoping for his ball! Taken in the garden with a lot of background distractions, so I just gave it a plain background in Photoshop.

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  1. #1 Blitz Photography & Prod
    Re: Louis
    once again gingerdelight
    lovely photo but would have looked better left in the proper back ground if some times i take a photo and theres other things in the photo ill duplicate my image and using a lens blur in photoshop blur the whole image and then add a layer mask and paint on that with black to bring the part of the image back in to focus that way you dont have to cut things out and the photo looks as you shot it but just a bit blured in parts
    hope that can help you
  2. #2 gingerdelight
    Re: Louis
    Thank you so very much for your advice, which is appreciated. It is always good to receive critique on photos and, hopefully, it will improve my techniques.

    Thanks again!