Lost And Forgotten

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by Lloyd
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  1. #1 afernandez
    Re: Lost And Forgotten
    These type of 'effects' only serve to give image editing a bad name I'm afraid. In my opinion (for what it's worth?), such obvious 'effects' are best avoided and frankly, I wish software programs didn't incorporate them into their feature sets. I'm sure this would have been a far better photograph (with it's interesting composition and viewpoint) either left alone (other than normal levels/sharpness adjustments) or perhaps, with a simplified black & white conversion.
  2. #2 Lloyd
    Re: Lost And Forgotten
    Thanks for your comment, and I am sorry you feel that way...
    I think you may be missing the point of photography...
    I am not a professional photographer (I am actually an Architect), and I do not sell or exhibit my photos. I merely take photos because I enjoy it. Sometimes I will even frame them and mount them on my wall for my own enjoyment. I used to photograph with film and develop the photos in my bathroom (my dark room), so i am aware of the "purest " view of photography. Technology is just another medium ie. effects.
    This photo to me is beautiful and I enjoy looking at it. I also enjoy many of the professional photographers work who make a good living on their HDR images, after all, it is art and therefore subjective to an individual.
    The fact that you have suggested that I simply make it a “simplified black and white conversion” is also extremely hypocritical, as removing colour is still interfering with the pure photograph (unless you do not see in colour, in which case I apologise). Boosting the dynamic range and colour is no different to removing the colour completely – You are still altering what you see in front of you...