Green Tree

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by Lloyd
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  1. #1 afernandez
    Re: Green Tree
    All too 'over-the-top' again. Far too obvious and simply screams....'photoshop effect'!
  2. #2 Lloyd
    Re: Green Tree
    Thanks "afernandez' for your comments, but your comment here is unfounded.
    There is NO Photoshop work in this photo except for a minor crop.
    This photo was taken in the early evening after the sun had set with a full moon behind me.
    The colours are from the 30 sec exposure at f4.0 with ISO 100. The red colour is from the incandescent light fitting from the building to my left (construction light), and the green colour is from a flashlight I positioned under the tree, which was far brighter than the light spill from the construction light and therefore the tree was shown in its true colour... Green.