Waterfall Blue

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Description by Rich Crompton

Rich Crompton

Lone leaf on a rock in a waterfall

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  1. #1 afernandez
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Nice, but perhaps a little too 'obvious' I think?
  2. #2 barbaraL
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Well done on your win.....
  3. #3 Micklemass
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Congratulations on winning great Picture
  4. #4 H Marshall
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Love the colour. Where's the power?
  5. #5 kreinr
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    I am a bit disappointed. This is not a bad picture but in my opinion in this competition and in the winter competition as well there has been far better and stunning pictures. The way as the competitions are specified not obvious. The title covers way too big area. So I just don`t get what the judges are looking for in the pictures. Too bad. Anyway. Well done.
  6. #6 BenEvansPhotography
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Nice shot of the waterfall but the leaf has been superimposed in Photoshop which is more illustration or graphic design than photography.

    I preferred your photo, 'Wassailing' which is superb.

    Nonetheless, congratulations on winning the photography competition.
  7. #7 musiq_child
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Terrible image and terrible photoshop skills. This is NOT photography.
  8. #8 Rich Crompton
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Thanks for all your congratulations and criticisms. Thank you for all of your kind comments and to all who are disappointed that my image won, I'm sorry you feel that way. I love this pic. Yes I have processed the pic to make the colours more vibrant and also to reflect how the scene moved me at the time. A lot of my photography has an element of 'mood' or 'emotion' added. I think that this is the photographers choice, so certainly IS photography. To me it's just the same as what I used to do in the darkroom, burning and dodging skies and other elements to make the image convey what I wanted. I hope that you aren't so disheartened by the choice of the judges of competitions that you stop entering. They are a great way to hone your skills and improve what you do. I constantly try to improve what I am doing and have been lucky enough to have won this time. Photo competitions are subjective. Keep entering, you might have the right image in the right competition one day. Good luck to you all in the future.
  9. #9 jhlphoto
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Great shot for a 'how to' article but it's typical of the new generation who know so little about real photography. That goes for the judges as well. Digital Photography should be more about using real photographic skills and not about the manipulation of images as an after thought.
  10. #10 Rich Crompton
    Re: Waterfall Blue
    Hi jhlphoto, just wondered what you meant by 'typical of the new generation' I've been taking photos since the 1970's, had my own darkroom since the early 80's and have been shooting, creating and manipulating my images in some form since I learnt the art of burning and dodging in the darkroom. The natural progression was to use the technology that is available to us all? Would you say that the images of Manray were typical of his new generation or that Bob Carlos Clarke was some kind of un-skilled image maker as he created something that couldn't be real? Surely we should all embrace what is possible and use our creative skills to maximise any images potential? I'm sure if Ansel Adam was around today, he would have a brace of high quality Digital backs on his view cameras and be using Photoshop to the MAX to realise his vision of the world. Pushing the shutter button is only one action in the whole process of image making. It always has been, and always will be.
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