Preston Cross Sunset 3

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Preston Cross Sunset 3

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‹‹Col Smoke 8   Fig 3 Vibrant  Preston Cross Sunset 3  Post Frost

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Description by Rich Crompton

Rich Crompton

Sunset reflected in waterlogged furrows

Comments for Preston Cross Sunset 3 (3)

  1. #1 afernandez
    Re: Preston Cross Sunset 3
    I like this photograph. I've seen this a couple of times before I think, published in 'Practical Photography' if I remember correctly?
  2. #2 Mike.j.c
    Re: Preston Cross Sunset 3
    Really nice photograph but a little too much foreground for me. Tighter crop off the bottom maybe?
  3. #3 Rich Crompton
    Re: Preston Cross Sunset 3
    Yes it was in PP. I do have panoramic crop of this on my wall! Looks pretty strong like that. But posted this one as I like this one as well. It would be a shame if we all liked or did things the same way. Shooting to a formula, like rule of thirds is a good start if you have no 'feel' for a shot. Then just go for it and make the composition work for how you want it. Sometimes a more challenging composition aids the telling of the 'story' this one however is pretty straightforward.