Simon Matthews 9

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Power of the written word

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  1. #1 afernandez
    Re: Simon Matthews 9
    I like most of your work here although it does appear to be somewhat over sharpened and perhaps just a little bit over saturated also. Nice style though. Well done!
  2. #2 Mike.j.c
    Re: Simon Matthews 9
    I like this but agree with afernandez, does look a little over-sharpened.
  3. #3 simonmisterbig
    Re: Simon Matthews 9
    Surely pencils should be sharp?? Ha! and quite possibily, ha!

    Well after 40 years taking photo's and having been published in hundreds of magazines and books, etc, and won a number of photo competitions, I guess I must like my style (whatever that may be?). Re the colours, I am actually red/green colour-blind so maybe I over compensate? Saying that, I am now very much into black and white images???

    Thanks for you comments.