New York Pink Lady

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by McCourt
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Description by McCourt


Taken in NYC on 52nd Street

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  1. #1 afernandez
    Re: New York Pink Lady
    This quite frankly, is a really poor photograph. How come 800 odd views? Have you been sitting there clicking on and off your own photograph continuously?
  2. #2 McCourt
    Re: New York Pink Lady
    Is this a tactic you would use? don't be ridiculous - to be honest I was surprised myself it got so many views. It made you look didn't it? if you don't like it, fair enough but don't accuse me of falsely putting up the views then taking the time to vote it down and leave a nasty comment. I really care less if you think its a poor photograph or not - it is a snap shot and as such is meant to be imperfect and un-staged. Some of your pics are OK and some, quite frankly poor. But who gives a ****!
  3. #3 Mike.j.c
    Re: New York Pink Lady
    To be honest, I have only just clicked on this because it's got so many hits. I can't understand why either. Might have been slightly more valid if entered in Funny Pictures gallery but again, it's not really that funny either.
  4. #4 McCourt
    Re: New York Pink Lady
    Whatever dude! Go post some pics up instead of joining and taking time to leave negative comments. The pic was taken while hanging out of a NY Cab of some random girl, so its a snapshot - its not meant to be anything in particular. Get a life and quit trolling.