Channelling Music

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This is one of the shots I'm proudest of. I had a flash to the right to freeze the action then, with the shutter still open, I guessed where his hands were and used some nearby blue lights to 'draw' the light trails.

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    Re: Channelling Music
    The comments field is limited to 250 characters, so just a more detailed 'how to' for anyone who's interested;

    I held an off-camera flash to the right to freeze the action, manually set for the expected distance to subject and the exposure I'd preset on the camera. This lit up the DJ's eyes (I was really lucky here!) while ensuring the shadows and highlights looked their best. On camera flash wouldn't have been as effective. This created one image on the sensor. To complete it, I had set the shutter for several seconds, and used a small aperture to avoid too much light registering. With the shutter open, I guessed where his hands would be in the frame and moved the camera back and forth in front of some blue and then yellow lights behind me to 'draw' the light trails. I darkened the area under the speaker slightly where a can had reflected too much light. The colours really make this shot because they give a real sense of vibrancy, and even of magic.
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    Re: Channelling Music
    This image is genuinely amazing. The light trails coming from his hands show his skill as a DJ and it's also incredible that he appears to be looking at them! A wonderful photo, and technically brilliant.
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    Re: Channelling Music
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