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    Question Pentax Battery Discussion

    I have started a battery discussion topic to gain some more information on what the general consensus is on types of batteries, grips, and chargers for the K7, K10d, Kx, model pentax's.

    While my Camera being new and i have fair knowledge of digital SLR's, i am concerned about the consistancy of after market lithium batteries, pentax's own range of batteries are sound in build and performance, but are expensive.

    There are many places where they stock lithium batteries for pentax's range of camera's, but are unbranded, and have slight variance in mAh and voltage.

    I would like members of the forum to discuss thier knowledge on after market batteries, are they worth the reduction in price? are they reliable?, are they of same performance?.

    Secondly aftermarket chargers is something i have been looking into, as many multi chargers are coming with interchangable plugs for EU + GB and an in car charger included in the deal.

    I have since purchased a multi charger, as they call it, and have found myself in an inconvenient situation.

    The charger DID charge my pentax stock battery for only one occassion, and i only charged it for a short time to see if the charger fed correctly (battery was half charged already)

    I tested the battery in the camera, the charge had increased (good). The next day i used the camea for around 10 -15 shots, and the battery showed no signs of any loss of charge.
    I then went to go out, so i thought i'd give my battery a charge in the meantime, and found that the charger was flashing green for a fault...i continued to try putting the battery in the charger a few more times, only to the same green light. (green light means a fault).

    I left it, went out, and when home, put the battery in the camera to take some shots with my new extreme sdhc card, and the battery would not even turn the camera on, or even try to to turn on, nor even a sound when on either. I dont think its ever gone that low, to not turn the camera on?

    And it was half charged before i tried to charge it , removed it, left it on the side, and went out?

    I cant test each unit, being charger, camera, or battery to hunt the fault down. unless i buy a replacement battery. that being the reasoning for my query on after market batteries, as i'm tight for cash, and need posible avenue to save money, but not be a waste of time.

    Would anybody suggest whether its the charger or a duff battery?,as i dont want to spend more money on batteries if the charger is killing them.

    Im also worried about the camera?

    My Camear K-7
    My battery is a D-LI 90
    My charger is a Camlink Z1 universal charger and does support these types of batteries.

    I do not have a standard pentax charge, to make things worse, dog chewed it!!!.

    there are many suppliers but which one?

    Why would my battery die just like that?

    any help would be great...others experiences...

    thanks shaun2k


    as you guys can appreciate, i have a sexy camera in front of me and i cant play
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    I have recently purchased some Sony eneloop rechargable batteries, which I have read are good for DSLR cameras

    Only used them for 200 shots, but seem good - and thats straight out of the pack!

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