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    Question Should I go for an Oly' E450 at under 300 quid? 8new)

    I was looking at getting an olympus E420 or 520 and came upon a january sales deal for the E450 with the 14-45 or the likes. Under 300 squid!

    Should I nab it or is it worth saving the little extra for the others?

    I am also considering a Lumix DMC-G1.

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    The E450 is a good deal for under 300. How much is the G1?

    As for a choice between them, the G1 has a few advantages over the E450. Its smaller (through the difference is probably less than you think), the lenses will be smaller too, and it has image stabilisation, live view, and movie mode, none of which the E450 has.
    For me though the most important difference is that the G1's viewfinder is electronic, not optical like the E450's. If you haven't used one its essential you have a good look at one before buying. Personally I'm not a big fan but that's just me. Lots of people like them, and they do offer several advantages.

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    Default Thanks for the reply

    Thanks for the reply:

    The G1 is about 150 more with a slower lens, and it is a smaller diameter optic - same for the over-priced EP1 and extortionate EP2 from Oly'. So despite a lot of features, I would be pushing out for a Nikon D90 or eqv. canon on offer or lightly used if I wanted to spend that much more for now.

    I also looked at the canon SX 20 as a compact alternative, but it does not have RAW file output and the long lens is over-rated IMHO. Even with it's stabalisation results are grainy and subject to shake. And it is around 400 quid.

    I take it that the E450 will be delisted from the (reliable) supplier soon in favour of the newer models- hence it is about 100 / 160 USD lower than before...seems a bargain! Used 420s are more with just the little pancake.

    I am used to an optical viewfinder from the 'good old days'.

    any more excperiences anyone?

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