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    Question Superzoom buying advice

    Hi all,
    I am looking into buying a superzoom camera, I would really like a DSLR but cant afford one so I guess its going to have to be a superzoom unless someones got a DSLR they can sell me for 180 ;-)

    So, what I want to know is: What superzoom should i get?
    My price range is from 0 - 180, but, a lot of cameras fit that range so I really am stuck as to what to get...

    I've been looking at a few Fujifilm ones, like the S2000hd but, well, there's probably better ones out their. I've just got to find them.

    So, have you got any ideas?

    My rough list of criteria is:
    • Good sensor
      Good lens
      Good image quality
      Reasonable zoom, say at lease 12x
      Just overall good

    UPDATE: I might be getting a 100 amazon gift card, so if i get the camera of amazon then my budget can probably be pushed to about 300. Is this enough for a reasonable DSLR?
    Sorry if that list seems a bit broad, Im sure you'll think of something though. :-)
    Oh, by the way, lots of megapixels isnt important to me at all as, and I'm sure you all already know, their not everything.

    Thanks in advance,
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