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    Default Which camera do I choose???

    Hi, I'm sure this will have been covered so many times but I need help!!! I am new to the DSLR, I have when I was younger used a 35mm SLR but since then only used a digital compact and now want to move back into the world of DSLR's.

    My dilemma is, I have researched now to the point of being totally unsure which model to go for. I have narrowed it down to the Canon EOS 1000d and the Nikon D3000, both are similar in price and spec but I'm just not sure which one to go for.

    The Canon feels good in the hand but does look a little on the plastic side whereas the Nikon looks and feels a well made solid camera. Picture quality is very similar, the Canon has 7 AF points the Nikon 11, and basically I can go on with the pros and cons.

    One of my main concerns is that the Nikon comes with the VR lens and the Canon is non IS, however I have seen a few for sale with the IS but they seem to have disappeared.

    Any help would be much appreciated for a newbie wanting to start this hobby again.

    Many thanks


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    People don't buy a car becuase it looks nice, (ok footballers might do, but for those of us that work we don't). If a Camera feels right and produces photo's your happy with does it matter that it feels plasticky ?.

    I might be wrong on this, but i think Canon "is" lenses are cheaper than Nikon's "vr" lenses ?.

    At the end of the day only you can decide what to get and both are good cameras.

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    In our head to head between these two cameras (which, by a fortunate turn of fate is the main feature in our new issue, which comes out tomorrow) the Nikon triumphs.
    Our reviewer felt that while the canon is a stripped down version of its more advanced DSLRs, the Nikon was created with the novice in mind from the ground up. Consequently its entire interface is designed with this in mind. It's easy to use, the menus explain what the functions do and the jpeg images are eminently print-worthy right of of the camera.
    It was felt that the Canon feels a bit more jaded in comparison and is in need of a bit of a refesh and a rethink to be as appealing to the same demographic.

    However, it is assumed that the buyers of these cameras are taking their first steps in SLR photography and need a bit of tlc. If you're already au fait with SLRs and how they work, and are buying one of these for budgetary reasons rather than because you're a beginner, then you might get on better with the Canon. Experienced users may find the Nikon's 'put everything in the menu' philosophy a bit frustrating compared to having dedicated quick-access buttons for everything on the body itself.

    At the end of the day its a personal choice, so I suggest you go to a shop and try them both out. Both are excellent cameras, so whichever choice you make it won't be a bad one.

    You migth also find it beneficial to buy the Feb issue of WDC tomorrow and read the full review.

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    Default canon vs nikon battle

    Well i was looking at both a view days ago , and the nikon really looks better and the AF points are better too. I agree that you should buy the camera you feel the most happy with. the nikon vr lenses are more exensive than the canon one's but score optically higher than the canon kitlenses . i happen to have a canon eos 300d as well and it has a 18-55 is lens. compaire that lens with the nikon 18-55 is , you noitce that the nikon is heavier and bulkier than the 18-55 IS.

    i have decided to leave these two and go for a used D80 to add it to my gear.

    just google on Canon EOS 1000d vs Nikon D3000.


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