Hi, I'm sure this will have been covered so many times but I need help!!! I am new to the DSLR, I have when I was younger used a 35mm SLR but since then only used a digital compact and now want to move back into the world of DSLR's.

My dilemma is, I have researched now to the point of being totally unsure which model to go for. I have narrowed it down to the Canon EOS 1000d and the Nikon D3000, both are similar in price and spec but I'm just not sure which one to go for.

The Canon feels good in the hand but does look a little on the plastic side whereas the Nikon looks and feels a well made solid camera. Picture quality is very similar, the Canon has 7 AF points the Nikon 11, and basically I can go on with the pros and cons.

One of my main concerns is that the Nikon comes with the VR lens and the Canon is non IS, however I have seen a few for sale with the IS but they seem to have disappeared.

Any help would be much appreciated for a newbie wanting to start this hobby again.

Many thanks