Hi folks,
I spend a hell of a lot of time out fishing and i'm looking to fill in the fishless periods with a bit of photography. I'm a complete beginner but i have a few specifics in what i want my camera to do and would like some advice on the best way of spending my 400 budget. I dont mind if i buy new or 2nd hand, or if its a bridge or dslr.
1, I'm mainly interested in shooting landscapes and wildlife including close ups of flowers and insects.
2, I'd like to also try and get some "action" pictures. Fish jumping out, people casting rods, birds taking off etc.
3, I'd like a video recording option
4, It MUST have a flip around screen as the most important job of all is getting a good snap of any monsters i catch and as i'm often on my own being able to see myself in the viewfinder is a massive help.

The 3 main contenders i've found are the canon sx1 is, sx20 is and the olympus E600
Can anyone help???