Hi there,

I am a first-time mum that is completely fed up of the rubbish red-eye photos that my Olympus Compact takes of my now 9 month old son.

After reading copious reviews, I have narrowed down my decision to either a Canon SX200 or SX20. A friend has a Canon DSLR 450D and has said that external flashes are great for avoiding red-eye as you can bounce the flash off the ceiling, which is making me lean towards the SX20. However, I am a total novice photographer (all I have ever done is point-and-shoot) and am worried that an SX20 might be too complicated for me. Whilst I am keen to learn some skills and tricks to improve my shots of my son, I'm never going to be a full-on amateur photographer, so wonder if I am better off with the SX200?? It will still allow me some manual control, but it's just the lack of external flash that is putting me off. Is the external flash really that important for red eye reduction?? From what I can gather, the only significant difference between the two cameras is the additional zoom and the hot shoe on the SX20.

Help! Please can someone give me some advice??