I recently bought one of these (TZ7) after reading rave reviews but so far have been really disappointed with some of the photographs I have taken indoors.

At this stage let me admit that I reckon the problem is down to me rather than the camera as I am a complete novice.

Basically I use the 'Intelligent Auto' setting and when the subject is at relatively close range, indoors, the results are fabulous. However (particularly in low light)when I use the zoom feature the results are grainy and blurred and I just don't know where I'm going wrong. Recent examples were when I was at a concert and, granted, the subject was moving a lot and yesterday I attended a wedding where the results at zoom are awful.

Is there something fundamental I am missing or is it simply too much to expect the camera to display excellent results in low light at zoom? Is there a way I can manually adjust the non 'IA' settings to help me achieve better results?

The final question is to whether there is a better camera for me? Previously I have used much lower end Sony compacts which have all been great no matter how I use them.

All help much appreciated.