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    Default Nikon D5300 vs D3300 and lens advice

    Hi Everyone,

    Im looking at buying either a Nikon D5300 or a D3300 to replace a broken D40. Would you say the 5300 is worth the extra expense (I'm buying from Japan so the price diff is around 75)?

    Additionally I was wondering about lens options I was going to go with either the standard 18-55mm VR II or the 18-140mm VR. Id prefer the later due to the much better zoom I found the 18-55 to be lacking zoom wise in a lot of situations on the D40.
    But I read one not so brilliant review on the 18-140mm does anyone have experience with this lens.

    I bought a Tamron 18-270mm some years back for the D40, and it was so slow to focus (indeed it struggled to focus at either end of its zoom ranges) so was effectively useless and had massive buyers regret.

    Id prefer one lens than carrying several and the 18-140mm seems like a good compromise between size, weight and length but I just wonder if the image quality and focus speed will match the stock 18-55mm lens.

    Thanks for all advice.

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    If you need a swivel screen then go for the D5300 other wise get the D3300, as for the 18-55 lens I have one and can't fault it. Sorry don't know anything about the 18 140


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