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    Default Looking for camera similar to my Casio Exilim EX-S10


    I had a previous version and loved it. It got old and died and I replaced it with the one mentioned above. That was in 2009. It's still going after much use but the lens motor sounds like it's on it's last legs. This is the model:

    I have tried some other similarly priced cameras when using my friends' cams on road trips or wherever. Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, etc. and found that none of them compared when it came to features and quality. The Canon had a very sharp picture and better than the Casio under the right conditions, but nothing else impressed.

    It seems like I can't buy the Exilim anymore in the big stores or pretty much anywhere other than Amazon. So it looks like I need to choose something else.

    I am willing to spend $200 and obviously want a sharp picture and good shutter speed and typical things like self timer that takes 3 consecutive pics spaced out by a couple of seconds. The Casio could do these things better than any other model I've ever tried. Here are the four things I am looking for with examples of a typical shot I got using the Exilim:

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    1. Macro

    2. Night Shot and night portrait

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    3. Autum setting to enhance the red. First shot is using the autumn setting. The second shot is just the regular auto setting with my gf's Canon.

    4. Sunset

    Do you know of any pocket shooters that can do these things?

    I have always been surprised that the Exilim wasn't a more popular camera. But I guess that's due to the vast majority of pocket shooter users not caring about anything other than the most basic features. More serious amateur photogs like to use SLRs I suppose but I need something for my pocket that I can use everywhere I go and is very versatile.

    It appears that Casio cams are available only in Asia, and Africa according to Casio's site. I have also emailed them asking how I can get it in North America but I won't get my hopes up.



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