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    Default Comparing similarly priced ILC and DSLR cameras--Canon EOS Rebel 300D vs Pentax Q10

    I've seen a lot of hype about the new ILC cameras and how DSLRs will soon be obsolete. However, I am only concerned with getting the best image quality possible, not the weight of the camera (compared to the weight of the stuff in my pack when I go hiking, a DSLR is nothing).

    I have read that the Digital Rebel 300D takes better images than the rebels that followed, due to its large sensor size. I'm just not sure how to compare image quality of the 300D with a similarly cheap ILC, the Pentax Q10. The 300D has a much larger sensor than the Q10 as well, here are all the specs from snapsort:

    But half the megapixels. Which camera will net me best pictures, disregarding the bulky body, screen size, speed (I don't take many action shots), ease of use, etc?

    Thanks for any and all advice!

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    the 300d is a very old camera and IMHO the improvements made since then are immense and the iq now from a DSLR is great. I have a 18mp canna 550d and its image quality is very good especially when coupled with a good lens which makes all the difference e


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