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    Default Getting started with new camera

    Finally got camera and bargain yesterday G5.

    Is it essential to have UV Filter and Lens Hood on all time?

    Really looking forward messing about with it. plenty fun lol like big kid.

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    I only take my UV filter off if I'm using other filters or in low light. Apart from doing what they do, lens hoods are also good protection for your lens, some times you have to take it off though

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    I never bother with a UV filter unless I'm shooting without a hood. The main reason to shoot without a hood is to shoot using the flash. The hood obstructs the light from the flash.
    Most of the time I don't bother with the UV filter, hood or not. It doesn't do much, if anything.

    Don't get over-excited, it's not good for your health.

    You have lots of controls to work with, many of which are customisable. It could get confusing to start with, so don't forget that you always have the automatic mode and scene modes for capturing shots you would otherwise miss while fiddling with the controls.

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