I've been a keen amateur photographer for many years but never taken the leap of faith to invest in some proper kit. I'm eager to purchase a decent camera set-up now and have a very strong preference for something from the Canon DSLR range. I've done a bit of research in to this but can't seem to put my finger on exactly what I'm looking as there is so much to chose from etc...

I'm not particularly clued-up with the correct ling but basically I'm looking for a camera with a good resolution (whatever that is these days, 18meg+??) and maybe additional battery grip. I'd also like to get a few decent lenses with good f-stops - 1x wide, 1x in-between and 1x long 200-300mm, preferably the "push-pull" type but not essential. I'm looking to spend around about the 1k mark but prepared to go higher if the kit is right.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Thanks very much!!