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    Default Camera gear (and travel) backpack advice needed

    Need some advice guys.

    I am planning a trip to Europe next year for a family wedding in England, and it's going to be a minimalist trip. My girlfriend and I plan on visiting a few western European countries in 3-4 week span (Ireland, Scotland and perhaps France). Luggage and clothing will be as little as possible as we intend on being quite mobile.

    I need some advice on a backpacks that can hold a fair amount of clothing and accessories as well as a few bits of camera gear. Specifically, a body, two primes or small zooms, flash and, maybe, a compact tripod or monopod. Should I just use a regular backpack and stuff the camera gear in amongst the clothing, or am I missing a more useful and practical option with specific gear compartments??

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    I just put my lenses in neoprene pouches and pack with my clothing. I prefer to keep the camera in a seperate bag so that its handy. try to travel with two lenses 35mm 1.4 would be my 1st choice then an 18-200 zoom which I note you have not listed, could you borrow one. I would not pack a tripod but a monopod that doubles as a walking aid may be handy.....Regards Mike.


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