hi folks,would like some advice from more experienced folk who use dslr+ zoom lenses for bird photography.
i am currently using totaly wrong camera for time being because ut was there,legal,and silly cheap,its an olympus e620 with olympus kit lenses,is studio,tripod landscape camera,realy not suited to taking pictures of raptors and other birds at ranges of a mile +,these pics do not need to be briliant,just good enough to identify bird properly from.
have read specs and some reviews for the sony a77/2 and with i being mirrorless and its 79 point auto-focus and the exposure system it would appear to be perfect for what i am trying to do.12 pics a second comes in very handy as well,i have not been able to find any reviews yet from anyone that has stuck a 300mm zoom on one nor any that folk have actualy used one for birding.
would like advice from folk if they know of better body for my needs.
hand held very long shots,high speed targets.
budget tops out at 800,so idea is to buy body,sony to olympus adaptor and use 300mm olympus lens from e620 and then buy new lens later on and 2x multiplyer,these shots are for id purpose not works of art so pic quality not essential,and they cost less than the 700mm lens that i cannot afford anyway.
have used mates various canons for my birding,and find them to slow to react and auto focus has problems with very small targets in blank skies and worse against mixed backgrounds,better than olmpus but not worth the cash for me.
if i can see it in the sky,i want to be able to get a few USABLE id shots,even if it at silly range of 3+ miles,i can see a kite at 4 and expect a 1k body + 600 pound lens to be able to do better than mark 1 eyeball.
(birds mainly raptors and corvids,sky shots)