I want to get into shooting weddings with 35mm lenses (been shooting on an XL1s for years now...I know I know...I'm trying to upgrade) so I've narrowed my choices down to a couple cameras.

1. Panasonic HPX
2. Sony HVR-Z7U

I know the panasonic pretty well and understand what I'd have to do to get 35mm out of it. Problem is, is that with the lens converter on it the camera setup becomes huge and requires a rod support system with focus assist and all that caca.

Since these are weddings I'd like to have something more portable so I was looking into the sony because it has an interchangeable lens setup but I'm having trouble finding a way to use Canon EF lenses on it (since I have access to them and don't want to buy more lenses).

Can anyone give me feedback on the issue? I know the cameras themselves are different and there are pros and cons. Thanks so much!