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    I've got a Panasonic G6 with 14-140mm lens. I take a lot of photos of my daughter when she's horse riding and a lot of scenery photographs and I'm delighted with the results that the G6 has produced.

    My question is: is there a "pocketable" or smaller camera than the G6 that would allow me to produce equally as good quality photos for both types of shot? Sometimes, depending on the weight of my rucksack and the actual route, when I'm walking the Snowdonia range, I feel that a little less weight would be nice!!


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    You could look at the Panasonic FZ 200. This camera has a constant aperture, ideal for sport photography, it retails for around 350, don't know if it will be much smaller though
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    Honestly don't think you will find a quality camera that is as capable and is significantly lighter. There's probably lots of other stuff you carry with far more potential for losing weight.
    Bulk? Yes, there are significantly smaller cameras and a travel zoom like the TZ 30 or 35, I forget which, is currently selling for 130. Buy it and keep the G6. The compact will not be as versatile in poor light and doesn't have the option to change lenses for a nice bright portrait for instance, although to put the cost of the TZ into perspective, it will cost about 100 less than the great value Olympus 45mm f1.8 to fit your G6.
    Basically what I'm saying is to get the TZ or something similar for the hiking.


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