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    It is the round filters that (if I remember right) they screw on to the adaptor I have.

    Yes it is sunny here at the moment as well, let's hope it lasts.

    I love trees and walking through woods, they are such peaceful places. I am really interested in nature, especially animals and birds, but don't mind insects as well, some of them have the most gorgeous oil on water colours. I especially love dragonflies and butterflies but they can be hard to capture unless you have your camera at the ready I did manage to get some photographs of butterflies with my old camera in my garden, not even sure where they are, must be on my computer somewhere.

    If you can recommend any particular filters I am all ears.

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    There are a few good filters I can think on. I would start with a circular polariser . This filter screws on to your lens, when you use it make sure the sun is hitting the side of your face, if you get a Hoya polariser they come with a small dot on the side, just twist the dot in the direction of the sun and you will notice the colour get richer.

    To take butterflies I find the best tim is either early morning when they have'nt warmed up, or just before sunset when they are cooling down.

    Can I ask what is the adaptor for?... Graham

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    It's ok I now know what teh adaptor is for

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    Got the camera on Saturday, don't particularly know what I am doing with it at the moment, there does seem to be a lot of buttons and functions which I don't understand! Obviously I have the Bryan Peterson book that Graham recommended but the manual that came with it was on a disc. I don't want to sit there reading it on a laptop and I am not printing out all those pages. However, I did find a really good review for a manual that had been written by Graham Hough for this camera so I have sent for that as well. So lots to keep me busy on my holiday, especially if the weather is bad.

    It came with a small hood to fit on and I have sent for a filter, which I thought would help protect the lens, so am just hoping that it fits on okay.

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    You must be thrilled with your new camera, it will be a bit of a learning curve for you but you will soon know your way round the buttons. I googled filters and as far as I can see the ones you want are 52mm

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    Thanks Graham, and the Graham Houghton User's Manual has come this morning as well, lots of pictures and seems to explain things well, though I have only had a quick peek as am at work. It will be nice to know what all the symbols and numbers mean on the screen!.

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    From what I googled on the Graham Houghton book, it looks ideal

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    I was having a read of it last night but had a bit of a headache so wasn't really sinking in. I will have much more time once I am on holiday. Hopefully the book you recommended will arrive today.

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    Sorry for delay in replying . Once you get into the jargon it will all fall into place...Graham


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