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    Default Decision, decisions!!

    It doesn't help that I can't make my mind up at the best of times, but I decided that I would have a new camera for my 60th birthday later this month from my Husband. I obviously want it to be right, it being a present, but I just can't decide.

    I had narrowed it down to the Panasonic Lumix FZ 200 and went into my local shop on Saturday to have a look at it. Unfortunately they didn't have one but have ordered one for me to look at. However, I had been wondering about getting a CSC instead and actually got as far as ordering one from QVC the Canon EOS M, then chickened out and cancelled it!

    The main thing that is putting me off a CSC is the cost of the lenses. I know I would want some sort of zoom lens and these can be more expensive than the actual camera, and I don't want to be carrying round a big bag of lenses. Having said that I suppose picture quality is very near the top of my list. Is the kit lens that you get with the camera any good or would that be something I would want to replace as well, I have seen the Tamron 18 -270 lens and wondered whether something like that would be okay as it wasn't too expensive.

    I would really like to get into photography but have a really bad memory so don't know if I would be able to remember what everything is, when I look in the camera magazines I have bought to research what camera to buy it is like they are talking gobaldigook. My Husband, who isn't that interested, knows more than I do and does try to explain it to me.

    If I did go for a CSC would the photo quality still be better than a Bridge Camera if I were using it on the fully auto setting? and if I couldn't get to grip with the manual settings is it still worth buying the CSC?

    Sorry this is so long? If you do manage to get to the end of it thank you so much!

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    Hi Valderre. Welcome to the forum. The panasonic is a really good camera. I have had a few panasonics and all of them gave great results. The thing I like about bridge camera is you don't need to carry extra lenses. At the moment I have a Fuji HS20 an old camera ( in camera terms ) but still give good quality photos.

    A lot of my friends are looking at CSC cameras, mainly for the size and weight they are smaller and lighter than DSLR's. The Canon comes with a 18 55 lens which is a good lens, but there zoom range is limited and it's not really wide enough nor very fast. You will sooner or later be looking for a more specialised lens, either for more zoom or wider for better landscapes.

    I'm not sure but think you will need an adapter to get the Tamron 18 270 mounted on the Canon CSC... Graham

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    Thank you Graham, I have read a lot of good reviews about it, especially from actual users. I am running out of time now really to made a decision and get it in time for my holiday/birthday so I have decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. I am sure I will be pleased with it. I have a Panasonic bridge camera already but it is very old now so as long as it takes better photographs than that one I will be pleased.

    It seems that no matter what you look at these days there will always be some people raving about it and others who think it is a load of rubbish, no matter how much money you have to spend!

    Thanks again.

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    Congrats on your new camera, Look forward to seeing your photos on the site. Good luck... Graham

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    Aww, thank you so much. I am going to Devon for my birthday so hope to get some really good shots, mind you I don't think they would be good enough to share on here!

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    There are a few members on the site from Devon, looks a lovely place. I'm sure your photos will be fine on here

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    I have been down there before but not to Dartmouth, mind you looking at this weather I don't think anyone is getting any sunshine so hope the camera is good for taking shots in dull conditions!

    Reading the magazines it looks like a lot of people do actually tweak the photos on their computers with one of the many software packages available. I have photoshop myself and I do use it, but not for ages and at my age I do tend to forget how things work if I haven't used them for months.

    I would like to get to grips with the manual setting's and am wondering whether a course would be good for me or do they do an Idiots guide which would explain it all to me in plain language that even I can understand.

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    We are getting bad weather up here as well very little sun and lots of rain.I take mainly macro shot this time of year but the bugs arescarce just now. Your camera will cope well in cloudy conditions no problem.

    A photography coarse is always a good idea, in the mean time can I recommend a book that will bring you on leaps and bounds. It's title is , understanding exposure by Bryan Peterson, it gives easy to follow tips and is well written.

    I do a bit of tweaking using Photoshop at first it looks a bit daunting but once you are using it it is really easy, if you need a wee hand with it just put a post up... Graham

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    Morning Graham,

    Thanks for that, I have just found the book you suggested and bought it! I suppose it is like anything else, practice, practice, practice. I can have a good read of it on holiday whilst I play with my camera.

    My sister and brother in law live in Scotland - in Greenock on a boat. I keep saying I must get up there to see them, I have never been! but am planning on getting there next year.

    I did look at the link you gave for camera bags and did find a nice one, just not sure whether it will be too big or not, bit hard to tell when they don't actually show it on someone's shoulder. I have an old Panasonic Lumix with a case at the moment, the case is bigger than the camera so am wondering if I can get a smaller case that would be more of a snug fit and then that would go into one of the shoulder bags I already have. See, here I am again, can't make my mind up. What I need to do now is find the filters and other camera hood that I bought for my old camera in case they fit on to my new camera, if only I could remember where I have put them!

    Thanks again Graham for all your assistance.

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    Morning Val.

    I was up early today the sun is paying us a wee visit.I

    I live not too far from Greenock. When I buy a camera bag ( not very often ) I take all my gear to my local camera shop and see what on is the best fit,and always keep space for a bottle of water, and a sandwich. I often go walking in the woods looking for bugs,when I do this time seems to evaporate. What kind of filters do you have the round ones or the square variety... Graham


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