I am new to this website. Hoping to learn a lot and get back into Photography.
I will soon be taking part of a course in dental photography. To complete it I will have to purchase a DSLR, a ring flash and macro lens. I have a E8400 Coolpic Bridge camera that does not meet the requirements as it does not have changeable lens.

Min requirements are a Nikon D5200 body 1833mm macro zoom kit, and either of the ringflashes: -

Sigma EM-140 macro, (Nikon or Canon)
Nissin MF 18 ring flash (Nikon or Canon)
Dine Ring and Point Flash, (Nikon)

Can anyone give me some advise on a similar type of camera like the D5200 with the required lens but anything cheaper. The lowest price I could find for the D5200 was 395.00