Hi all I'm new to the forum and looking for advice?

looking to upgrade my 500d with a second hand canon. I own ef l lens's and have a budget of around 500-1000 +/- a little bit and was looking at a few options which are 7d, 6d, 5d mk11, 1d mk111 or 1ds mk11. I think I would like full frame but 7d and 1d mk111 are good contenders, weight is not a problem as I always add a battery grip, I'm not a sports photographer but an all rounder in portraits and landscapes. all the above are appealing but all have things I don't like, e.g. 7d not full frame, 1ds mk11 small lcd screen, 1d mk111 small aps h sensor and mp size! any help or guidance would be great.

sorry if this has been answered before could not find the answer.

Many thanks Tony