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    Default Need some buying advice, is full frame worth the price?

    I'm looking to buy my first large camera for an upcoming cross country road trip. Previously I have only owned a point and shoot, but have logged several hours behind my moms D600 - so I know my way around a decent DSLR. I'm leaning towards mirrorless, as the small bodies and multitude of features are very attractive. After doing some research, it seems that some of the best out there right now are the Sony A7 and the A6000. I'm worried that if I settle for the A6000 I'll wish I splurged for the full frame A7 down the road. The A6000 is a great camera, but is has me worried with its low light performance, and image quality, and lack of a full frame sensor. The price difference is so large that this is making it a tough decision. If it was only 2 or 3 hundred more for the A7 I would step up in a heartbeat. However, the A7 kit is over double what the A6000 kit is currently priced at. At the price of the A7, I could get the A6000 kit, a nice prime lens, and a Class 10 128GB card and still save almost $600. Is the full frame camera worth so much more? Will i regret it if I go for the small frame A6000?

    Thanks for any help!

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    If you really really want a full frame, even though there is no rational reason for the wish, and if you are not accustomed to making compromises in your life with confidence and no regret, you are never likely to be satisfied with anything but your primary desire.
    OTOH there is no real compromise involved with your choice of format at the high end of the field. It should be a matter of choosing the priorities that are important to you. These apparently include image quality, especially in low light (presumably you mean without using flash?), convenience (because this is always important) and cost (because you mention it a lot).
    If I was you I would not hesitate buying the physically smaller camera, but I am not you.

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