I'm looking at the Panasonic GH4. Currently I have two Canon Eos M's as well as a Sony NEX 5R. I do a lot of video shooting (1080p) and much is done in low light. All only as a hobby.

I'll have to buy the Panasonic On-line as we do not have agents for it over here (South Africa) ... or so I'm told - I'm thus cautious and will have to do some homework first. Is there anybody that has personal experience with the GH4 in the sense of shooting 4K video? Apart from the camera, what else will I need to shoot in 4K? I have a 48" 4K Samsung screen/monitor, use Vegas 12 Pro & After Effects C5 for rendering (using a Windows based i5 PC - 64bit OS with 8Gb ram and 2Tb hard drive). What are the pros & cons? Will the Panasonic by so much better than my current cameras?

Your comments will be very much appreciated!