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    Default Advice on a new digital camera

    I want a new, lightweight digital camera.
    My last one was a Canon and still works, but lacks in certain functions. I'm quite naive when it comes to knowing about such things and hoped someone on here might be able to help me decide what to look for.
    Specifically I need it to take decent night time pictures, moving pictures and have a landscape function.
    The camera I have seems to have difficulty capturing the exact colour, especially pale colours such as beige or cream. It also takes dark photos which I have to lighten on a photoshop-type program before I can see them properly. This is very time consuming.
    I haven't much money to spend, so not much more than the 150 mark. I just use it for holiday snapshots and photographing stuff to put on Ebay really. I would like at least a 30 second video facility too.
    I have had a Sony before and it was a good camera, but it soon stopped working, whereas my Canon has been going for years.
    I could also do with some advice on digital and optical zoom. I don't really know what they are or what size I should be looking for.
    Sorry for sounding so dumb!

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    PS: I forgot to mention I must have a screen display, not just a viewfinder.

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    It is a bit optimistic to think of getting a viewfinder on a camera below 150 unless you buy an used model. Not sure whether you will find a compact camera with anything other than a rear screen even used.

    Anyhow, how does a Panasonic TZ35 for 130 from Argos sound? You had better be quick because Curry's had them at that price a few weeks ago but now have gone back up to around 150
    The TZ range is Panasonic's premium range of compact travel-zoom cameras. The price happens to be right on this model just now but do check it out as to whether it suits you before buying.

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    Thanks for your reply Huw. I will certainly check that out.


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