I am currently the owner of a Samsung NX10 (plus three lenses) and a Nikon D7000 (also with three lenses). Over the next year or so, I am gathering my pennies to move to a better camera.

I intend to keep the Samsung and Nikon , but what to go for next ?

Well I shoot a wide range of photography genres. I shoot models in studios (and outdoors) , weddings, landscapes, cityscapes, wide life and architecture. Any new camera must be a step forward in image quality.

Logically , a full frame camera is the answer. The Sony A7/A7R cameras have a very limited lens range, so a Nikon D610 looks to be the perfect choice.

But on a recent wedding reception shoot, I had both the Samsung and the Nikon D7000 (with lenses and hotshot mounted flash units) around my neck from 11am to 7pm. By the end of the wedding reception I was bent over like a old man !!.

The extra weight and bulk of the D610 plus FX lenses (whilst delivering the improved image quality) would be even heavier.

So another CSC may be the answer. The new Fijifilm X-T1 has taken my eye. The image quality and the range of Fiji X Mount lenses looks great.

But is the Fiji X-T1 any sort of step forward from my Nikon D7000 in image quality ?

Many thanks