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    Default Buying a specific type of camera

    Due to an accident I am now faced with having to purchase a new camera and I find I am having a serious problem with this. My old camera was a film camera, which had the necessity (for me) of an old fashioned viewfinder. Having looked at many digital cameras I find that they all rely on a small LCD screen for viewing the image you are photographing. Not only does my vision mean that either my arm is not long enough to hold the camera far enough away to view the screen with one eye or that I have to hold it so close to view it with the other eye that I can't really see anything and to top it off I find that as soon as the sun shines the LCD panel becomes all but useless anyway (and many friends have complained about this last problem). I really need a camera that uses an old fashioned viewfinder but these seem to be unavailable in digital cameras, so can anyone come up with a solution. I really need to replace my camera but see no point in buying one that I can't use so any advice would be gratefully received.

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    Hi welcome to the forum.It would help if you told us your approx. budget

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    Hi welcome to the forum.It would help if you told us your approx. budget
    The original camera cost approx 100 but that was 24yrs ago, my budget now would be more in the line of Euro200, which is probably around 170. Canon pushed me in the direction of their SureShot range but I notice that they are all digital, and I've noticed that it isn't cheap to print out the photos from a camera, especially when you have no idea if are blurry or clear. At least with film the developers may develop all the negatives but they only print out those that are clear, which makes for a considerable saving. You also have the double safeguard that the negatives are printed out both on film and on a CD so there is less chance of losing or damaging an unrepeatable photo. I would spend more if the camera was guaranteed to last approx 40yrs like my fathers but I don't think that is likely nowadays.

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    You could look at the PentaxX5 bridge camera,it has a viewfinder on it costs around 145, or the Fuji S8000 it also has a viewfinder costing around 170

    What I do to save printing costs is I preview my photos either on the cameras screen or on a computer and delete the ones I don't need. Then I print them out at home, cuts down on waiting time and the cost of film. Hope this helps... Graham

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    Default Buying a specific type of camera

    Make sure it fits comfortably in your hand and that it's not so big or heavy that you'll leave it at home. It should provide quick access to the most commonly used functions, and menus should be simply structured, logical, and easy to learn. Touch-screen models can allow for greater functionality, but can also be frustrating if the controls and menus are poorly organized or the screen can't be calibrated to your touch.

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