I'm an amateur photographer. I don't know very well about choosing a camera. I love editing in photoshop though. I had Canon EOS D300 back in the day and took some normal-decent photos .After editing they became pretty good.

Now Im designing brochures etc for my new job. My manager says he hired me because of my photography portfolio while not knowing I edited all of them considerably. Now he asks me to choose a good camera under 2500$ budget (cheaper appreciated) to photograph our products for brochures and catalogue.

He even recommended Nikon D5300.

He knows about cameras he even has an old camera collection. As a photographer he is againist editting. He thinks it should kept in minimum. Well, normally as a photoshop lover I would argue with that but I don't want to get fired as soon as being hired. :/ Plus, I don't want to put photoshopped products to catalogue. It would give a bad impressions to educated eyes like having bad products which needs editting.

Can you give me few alternatives and explain why you would choose that camera?

Thank you in advance.