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    Default remote control bridge camera

    hi, i would like some advice on buying a bridge camera with remote control,i do a lot of fishing (quite often alone) i would like to do `self take` of my captures and find that timers dont give me the time needed. my friend has one that is controlled from an `iphone app`, i dont have an iphone but do have `android`, is there a simalar app for android, oh and of course,if not, what remote controlled bridge camera would you reccommend, thanking you for any help you can give, len

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    Bridge? Not sure.
    Compact that will do the same job? Yes. Check out the Panasonic TZ40 or new TZ60 to see if will do what you need. They should do. My Panasonic G6 camera is no bigger than a bridge camera, but is a fully-featured interchangeable lens camera, and is fully controllable from the app. If I had a power zoom for it, it would zoom remotely too.
    I can set it to focus and shoot by touching the relevant subject on the Android or Apple gadget screen and I believe that the TZ series have the same functionality.
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    thank you very much, i have researched the tz40 and it seems ideal for my needs (and in my price range), its great to have somewhere to go for advice, for a novice like me, once again, thanks, len


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