Hi! I'm new here, so hi to all!

I was just going to see other peoples opinions on here about what they would do... heres the position I'm in;

Im off on holiday in july to Jamaica, I currently have a Lumix G3, 14-42mm f3.5 lens and a 19mm f2.8 lens. So question is, do I take this camera with me with the 14-42 lens and purchase a gopro hero3+ silver/black...

or buy a zoomable lens for my G3? looking at getting a 14-140 panasonic lens with the ois.

the debate I'm having is that Ideally I wouldn't want to take my G3 down the beach or near the pool where it can come into contact with sand or water at all. hence leading me towards the gopro which is fully waterproof upto 40m to use while kayaking, waterskiing, quad biking etc.. and have my G3 for any "cleaner" excursions with the 14-42mm lens.

what would your thoughts be?