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    Hello everyone

    I would be grateful for some help. I have a Canon IXUS 50 5 megapixel camera. Having had a baby I have realised it is time to upgrade to a new camera. However, it appears to be a bit of a minefield out there. My main concern is image quality and noise, especially in low light without flash, as I do not like the effect the flash has. I have found four cameras that all have positive reviews and are in my budget - 300 to 400, but I cannot tell which has the best image quality. If somebody can advise I can then start looking at other criteria such has useablity, portability etc. If one of the cameras blows the others away with its low light image quality then it is a no contest. The cameras are:

    Sony Cybershot rx100

    Samsung NX300

    Canon Eos 100d

    Fujifilm HS50 exr

    Other suggestions welcome

    Many thanks


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    Hi first the reason you don't like flash is because of the way it is used. Direct flash is hard light so go get a good light you need to use it diffused or bounced off of a wall or ceiling. For that you need an external flash and that's the type of camera I would look for. Low light means high I so and slow shutter speed so grainy shots and camera shake. Hope this helps

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    I prefer Fuji and Sony camera among them. Forget Samsung NX300. Don't sure about the quality of 100D.


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