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    Default stuck on what camera fz200/ stylus 1/ rx100

    Wanting to get a decent compact / bridge camera. Have done lots of research, and while the RX100 looks far ahead of the rest, I'd like a better zoom. Now looking at two possible cameras: Panasonic Fz200 and Olympus stylus 1. On paper the Olympus takes a better picture, but has no in camera panorama..quite like one if possible, and the video does not appear to be that good. It does have a constant f2.8 through the zoom though (as does the Panasonic I think). Smallish zoom but ability to expand.

    I'm looking to learn a bit more about photography as well as having a point and shoot facility, both these cameras have this, along with the RX100. My wish list is:

    Good quality images; zoom; EV if pos. though not a deal breaker; panoramic mode; ability to blur background (is this depth of field that does this?); decent video with good fast autofocus. Relatively compact.

    Wanting to take pictures mostly of landscapes and wildlife.

    Does anyone have any of these cameras, or can you offer any advice? I'm new to the more advanced type of compact.

    Considered compact system for a while but didn't want to get into changing lenses, and the expense of buying them.

    I've been researching for about a month and a bit, and hanging on for the latest camera show announcements wanting to make a decision before I drive me, and my other half crazy!
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