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    Default Another 'What DSLR'' thread - please help

    Hello everyone,

    as you can see this is my first post here. It's because I don't know where to go from here and figured maybe someone in this forum might be able to help me.

    I'm planning on buying a camera (with a lens or two) in the coming weeks but just can't figure out which one possibly the most suitable one. I'd appreciate it if some experienced photographers could help me with my first steps in chosing one.

    Now on to what I'm looking for and what I have found out yet.

    Budget is up to $1500 tops, 1000 would be better. I will use the camera for photography almost exclusively. I don't plan on making videos therefore video quality is negligible. As for the photography, I plan on doing mainly countryside/landscape/nature photos. The camera will - of course - accompany me on city trips and serve when shooting pictures at family meetings and such. There's also the chance that I'll be doing a bit of sports fotography (skiing, ...).

    Features that I'd like / think are useful the way I use the camera are:

    - a rather high frequency on continuous shooting (10+ fps maybe???)
    - GPS
    - a very stable body, resistant to water and dust

    I'm not sure if it's smarter to go for a new body and lens or look for something used. When looking for used ones my resources are quite limited. I'd have to rely on the internet, ie ebay and so on.

    The most suitable camera I have found so far is the Sony A77. As you can see with me writing this tread though, I have no idea if this would be a smart choice.

    I appreciate any advice, ideas and input that helps me find a good set. Thanks!

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    Hi get a short list and then go and try them out see how they feel are the buttons right for you do you like the menu system. if it feels right then thats a long way to being right, don't settle for i will get used to it


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