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    Default images from camera to computor ???????????

    after a day taking football pics, I thought I would have some great shots . magnifying them on camera they look sharp and focused but when I transfer them to computer they loose all their quality:confused

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    The image you see in camera rarely matches what you get on the screen and will usually need a little tickle. are you shooting in raw or jpeg...Mike.

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    mostly raw Mike. first time with canon 7d and a new lens , maybe take a bit of getting used to

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    Hi mondo1
    as Mike as said what you see on the back of the camera is not what you see once you add them to a pc but if you want the best quality in images all ways shot raw ok the files are bigger then Jpegs but you have total control over what the out come is of your iamge and being a raw file if you dont like it you can take it back to how you took this image on the day cant do that with jpegs since starting in photography ive never taken a jpeg all ways shot raw

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    This might help you out why you shoot raw over Jpeg a video i made of a image i took and i got it wrong in camera but becuase i shot it in raw i know i could bring it back as yu will see here the link hope it help


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