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    Shapes aren't coming into focus on the images I'm trying to capture. Could someone tell me how to correct this? All advice is welcome! Apologies if this question seems dumb, I'm new to posting on forums.

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    I know this sounds highly simplistic, but I seriously value any advice you have to give. I am not sure what the problem could possibly be, my camera is fine. I imagine that the issue is probably more lens related than anything.

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    Do you mean the camera wont focus or your photos are blurry?

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    I see clear images through the lens, it is only later when I am reviewing the pictures that they seem to be more blurred than I noticed before... do you know what might cause this?

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    I don't think there is anything wrong with your camera. I sounds like you are either using to slow a shutter speed or the cameras antishake is turned off. Best thing to do is put a photo on the site so we can have a look at it... Graham

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    As above. Shutter speed is by far the most important. The actual minimum acceptable shutter speed depend on the focal length, light, image stabilisation and on how still you hold the camera while releasing the shutter.

    The second most likely problem is focus. Two issues with focus. Are you in the correct mode and actually focussing on the subject? The other is depth of field. Too shallow a depth of field and you might only have an inch or two in focus either side of the focal point. To counter this and increase the depth of field you can stop down, raise ISO to maintain a fast shutter speed.

    You could use a tripod if shake is a problem, especially in low light. If using one in poor light, turn the image stabilisation off for the duration and use long-shutter noise reduction if fitted to your camera.


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