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    Default Trouble deciding between SLT a65 or Lumix G6

    In need of a decent hybrid model that is good with both stills and video, has an external mic input, and is known for decent auto focus. Some low light capability would be great also, but that is a third or fourth criteria point.

    Having trouble deciding between the Sony SLT a65 and the Panasonic Lumix G6. They are both at the same price point currently (approx $600).Sony seems to have slightly less focusing ability (particularly in low light) based on reviews, samples, etc., but possibly sharper imagining, especially on stills. Settled in small town Ohio and not very close to authorized dealers for either brand.

    Hoping to get feedback from someone with experience using both cameras that knows of any quirks, strengths, weaknesses of each and might have a final suggestions between the two.



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    Both are very very good hybrid cameras. The Sony has more heft, much more than you would think at first glance. I have an A57, which has the same body, and also a G6.
    Personally prefer the menu system and quick menu of the Sony, along with the physical control convenience and feel. However, the Panasonic is lighter and far more compact and far more customisable. It also has more features and that superbly versatile 14/140 lens [28/280 full frame equiv.]. On the other hand Sony has by far the best manual focus peaking. The G6 has super-quiet autofocus while the Sony has a noisy focus motor on each of the three lenses I own, although there are more expensive silent choices available I believe. Manual focus is easy on both but I prefer the Sony in this regard.
    Picture quality and colour on both should be very close. Too close to call. The jpeg colour is adjustable within both cameras.

    Both are excellent video cameras and I honestly can't choose between them. The G6 has a very good wireless app and a touchscreen which is excellent for applying and moving the focus point, while the A65 has geotagging. You might find any one of these features useful, or not. While the touchscreen is very nice, I don't miss it when using the A57.
    They are both very nice affordable super-cameras that you would be proud to own I'm sure. I can't say which of mine I would choose if I had to. Luckily I don't.

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    Hi time to go and try them see how they feel might just help you to decide

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    Thanks for that. I feel good about either direction I go now. From all the sample I've seen, it seems that Sony takes the lead with stills and detail, but leaning strongly toward the G6 for its light processing (not the specs side, but the way so many samples have looked) - images (especially video) seem more "real" and life like to my eye than other brands can get to. Thanks, again!

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