I'm a blogger (www.ninegrandstudent.wordpress.com - just so you can see the type of shots I go for!), but for the past two years I've been relying on my mobile camera (HTC One). Whilst I don't think my photography (in terms of quality - composition isn't the best but I'm working on it!) is horrendous, I feel I'm at at the stage where I could do with upgrading. I don't have a massive budget - 125 is really my maximum, but I can stretch it for a good deal. I'd also consider spending less, but only if its going to be good quality.

Realistically, I want something easy to use, anti-vibrate, good zoom, that just looks professional. Wifi upload would be amazing, but I know I can spend a little extra on an SD card and get that!

The cameras I have seen are:




I'm leaning slightly towards the L820, but not sure if the extra money is worth it. I don't have a lot of money, and even at this price-point I'm wavering because of the cost. I'd be willing to pay for it if I knew it was worth it, but I know pretty much nothing about cameras!

I'm also willing to wait around another six months, at which point I can have a look again at any sales, but I'm thinking the price of the L820 won't stick around for long!

Also - would you reccomend trying to source something around this price-point second hand on Ebay, or sticking with new?

Looking forward to your replies!