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    Default Best smartphone camera for photographing children?

    Please help me to find a new camera phone. All reviews I've seen about camera phones are 'best for outdoors", "best for features", etc. None give me any idea of how they would be when trying to take a picture of a 2 year old running around a swing park.

    I take all my pictures on my phone, as it's always with me, but they aren't good enough to print out at larger than 5"x7"
    My contract is up for renewal soon, so I'd like my next phone to have a better camera on it.

    My pictures are all of my children, so it needs to be able to cope with fast moving subjects, both indoors & outdoors.
    A quick and easy way to get to the camera app from the screen locked phone is also preferable.

    My current phone is the Nokia Lumia 620 - there is a dedicated shutter button, and I can press & hold it to get to the camera from the locked phone.

    My only other requirement is that the phone be either Android or Windows Phone. I will not use iOS.
    I don't much mind about the rest of the phone as long as it makes calls & texts, and emails.

    Thank you in advance.

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    not easy to answer as you have said fast moving child i would look at maybe moving on from you camera phone and getting dedicated camera that capable of taking the shots you want

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    I may be wrong but I don't know of any phone camera that has an easily adjustable S [shutter speed] mode. Most have super-small sensors as well. You use your camera for just the type of scenario that is least suitable for a phone cam and very suitable for something more sophisticated.
    Have a look at some of the phone reviews online. Some models have more of an emphasis on camera than others. Not sure which is best, mainly because I use an iPhone which I find to be nothing special in the camera department. Its OK in good light. Excellent even. When the light deteriorates though, it is pretty dreadful by any standard other than phone and cheap compact standards.
    Don't get me wrong, I use it a lot and am generally very satisfied with it, as I was with the Android phone before it and am with my wife's W8 phone.

    By the way, my wife's Nokia 820 clogged itself solid with duplicated photos until it was unusable. When they finally got an update that I assume works, it lost its ability to connect to wi-fi and is now more or less an useless brick for anything apart from phone calls.

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    Thanks for the replies, sorry I didn't respond before - I didn't get an email notification

    I know proper cameras are going to be better - my husband has a DSLR that we use, but it's way too big for me to take everywhere along with all the stuff two children under 3 require!
    I (nearly) always have my phone with me, which is why most pictures are taken with it. I wouldn't want to carry around a camera in addition to the phone.
    I guess I'll have a look at the nokia with the huge megapixel camera, see if I can take some test pictures of the children with it in the store.
    If anyone can suggest any others, I'd appreciate it.


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