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    Default How will an f/6.3 lens autofocus on my camera?

    Hello WDC forum,
    I have just registered. I am fairly new to DSLR photography, around 18 months or so, but am picking it up bit by bit. There are still lots of niggling questions I have and so I might use this forum to try and get some answered. One concerns the zoom lenses of some third party manufacturers. I see that they often have maximum apertures at their longest focal lengths of f/6.3 and I also know that my camera is only supposed to autofocus reliably down to f/5.6. Does this mean that if I bought one of these lenses I would lose autofocus at any zoom length that took the aperture below f/5.6?
    Many thanks for any help.

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    Hello and welcome.

    No, it should work, although probably not at blistering speed. Such lenses tend to lie about the aperture to the camera body, which tricks it into autofocusing. It's only a third of a stop difference anyway.

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