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    Hi Karen,
    Hope you pick this thread up, I love this site and its given me a new lease of life. However, some of us (The Members) have notice that images in the Galleries look to bright, when you have your meeting in the New Year, can you please mention this. Hopefully something could then be done to improve the situation.
    Kind Regards

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    Hi Again,
    I've been doing some B&W images recently, and I'm still finding that when transferred to the site they look to bright. On most, I've deleted them and reedited to reduce the brightness, however, I've stop doing this because they then look to dark on my screen which has been calibrated with the Spyder 4 system. Can this be investigated please.
    All The Best

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    This is what i have found. recently i showed my cpagb panel to my club and we projected them for all to see, i also showed them in there print form which was entered for the awards. the comments were that there prints were so much better as the projected image looked to bright?. all i did was use the original print file and scale it down for the projector


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