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Hi Graham,
I think, when you put forward an idea, and you are then told something in a reply, as Karen did back in December 2013. Its only courteous to reply when an update is asked for, I've asked twice now, once in January and the most recent the other day. Currently I feel as if I'm being ignored, its been quiet over the Winter months (Photographers Images), however, with Spring approaching its now a good time to introduce "Picture Of The Week". This will be my last post of this nature, as its worn me down, in future I'll just upload my images.
All The Best
With all due respect, when told that it's something that will be looked at "at the start of the year", it's hardly sensible to ask for an update on the second of January. In fact I think it's actually pretty rude, and certainly totally pointless.

Rather than making surly and impatient posts, why not drop her a PM and ask nicely if she's had a chance to do anything yet? Do remember that even if she has raised it, change takes a long time in a big organisation, you will have to be patient.