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    Have you not signed up for the news letter TK, the news came through to my email box, same as what Graham posted they used to do...Regards Mike.
    Just signed up again. Once again congratulations to Kenwil.

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    Sorry, I meant disappointed, look we have countless of unused boxes (Nikon Power Of Light, last used 06/11/11, Lost Planet, last used 31/07/12 etc etc etc) why not free one of them up and used it to display the "Picture Of The Week". Couple of hours work and its done, all the wording, picture and a free box put to good use.
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    There does seem to be a lot of closed competitions on the site

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    Hi Im new to this DSLR photography and hope Im not speaking out of turn but I think some people would be encouraged to post pics if they thought they were genuinely being assessed and critiqued by their peers. Go for it

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    "Hi Im new to this DSLR photography and hope Im not speaking out of turn"

    Not at all bigfella, good to have your views. Hopefully it will be sorted in the New Year.
    All The Best For 2014

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    On another site I visited, they have a "Picture Of The Day" could we have the same on here please.

    I first raised this issue on the 1st Dec 2013, can we please have an update on this topics progress.

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    This is a great idea, we used to do this on the newsletter as graham_c mentioned.
    We'll be looking at what new things we're doing online at the start of next year, so I'll propose this idea, and see if it's something we can take on. Karen

    Any updates on this PLEASE.
    Kind Regards

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    good question

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    Hi Graham,
    I think, when you put forward an idea, and you are then told something in a reply, as Karen did back in December 2013. Its only courteous to reply when an update is asked for, I've asked twice now, once in January and the most recent the other day. Currently I feel as if I'm being ignored, its been quiet over the Winter months (Photographers Images), however, with Spring approaching its now a good time to introduce "Picture Of The Week". This will be my last post of this nature, as its worn me down, in future I'll just upload my images.
    All The Best

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    Hi Gary
    I had to wait a long time to get the B&W section up and running.Caroline (travelbug) had an even tougher time getting her pet section up. Regards... Graham


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